Piero Viti | 2017 - 2020

The Bestiary is part of Piero Viti’s photographic/pictorial universe, and for this project he calls upon the universe of the “Bestiarium”, a generic title for medieval didactic works, in which the description of the “natures” and “properties” of animals is used to propose religious and moral teachings at that time. Bestiaries are part of the typical medieval conception of nature as a “symbol” of deeper truths taught by God through the beings he created. 

In this project, initiated in 2017 and still ongoing, Piero Viti approaches this theme through play, introducing models of small animals borrowed from the world of childhood. He patiently collects these small plastic characters from toy shops, which, under his “photographic brush”, take on a bronze skin. (are clad in a bronze skin.)

Staged on a set designed especially for them, they pose under the same continuous light that Piero Viti favours in all his photographic creations. 

This project is conceived as a provocation, denouncing the modern drama of a world that has become “plastic”.