Claire Clelia Baldo & Piero Viti | 2018 - 2022

For this work, Claire Clelia Baldo and Piero Viti travelled between Paris, Venice and Rome (2018-2021), to meet and photograph renowned artists as well as personalities linked to the art scene. Identity is questioned and transformed through the prism of two visions. In the form of diptychs, faces and bodies are staged and play the game of reflection.  

All this work is based on a moment of sharing, on a trust established at the tip of the eye, for an instant only, and permits the capture of these gestures and these glances whose intimate and delicate fragility seems to be given.

Does identity exist or does it simply reflect who we think we are? Who are we at this moment in the game of masks? Of course, a beginning of an answer lies in the multiple facets that we hide and that secretly belong to us.

Only a few selected portraits are presented here. This project continues, according to meetings and possibilities, in Venice or elsewhere.