2016 | 2022

FATICA is the 1st project of LABOTIV, started in 2016 and still ongoing.

This project was born on the occasion of the Venice International Performance Art Week (2016, 2017 and 2018 editions), which attracts the most renowned artists of this discipline to Venice every year. In artistic collaboration with the duo VestAndPage, founders of the event, Piero Viti and Claire Clelia Baldo have undertaken, for the last 6 years, a patient work of human interpretation of Performance Art, and have followed international artists, in Venice, Paris or elsewhere.

The title FATICA, which could be translated as EFFORT, in the sense of “noble fatigue”, embodies the common denominator of each stage of the project and of the encounters with the Performers. It combines the physical and emotional conditions, often extreme, of the artists photographed after their performances, and the particular constraints to which they had to adapt and sometimes reinvent themselves.

The project seeks to capture the message and personal signatures that these performers deliver, and which lead the viewer to engage emphatically with the experience. The complicity established between the photographers and their models, at the time of shooting, has therefore been crucial to the whole work.

With this first project, Piero Viti and Claire Clelia Baldo developed the game of the dytic, placing portraits and interpretations in dialogue with each other, sometimes unifying or contrasting, but always seeking a balance from one image to the next.