Claire Clelia Baldo | 2020

So many visions accompany the idea, the dream, slide into reality; I have been nourished by images received at the hazard of my artistic passions; but one in particular obsesses me and remains inked, that of the mirror. Each reference I encountered widened the tunnel I had to pass through a little more. How do I cross the mirror? Will a lifetime be enough, or a moment? 

The experience of a pandemic, its suffocating reality, the intoxication it brings, sends us back to ourselves, beyond our senses, beyond our preconceived ideas, we are confronted with our innermost being, with no way out. Enclosed, isolated from others and the world, delivered to the vertigo of contradictory informations, to shapeless powers, we find ourselves and our inner voices rise more loudly, and question, targeting the central fibre of our lives, freedom. It is during this period, becoming my only model, that I explored the self-portrait and its interplay of doubles. 

I remain with the words of Virginia Woolf: “Whatever may be their use in civilised societies, mirrors are essential to all violent and heroic action.”

In the confinement of our studio in Venice, during the last covid-19, Piero Viti, accomplice and companion of all the creative stages, lends himself to this game of passage: the crossing of the mirror.